4 Reasons Why Vintage Jewellery Is A Sustainable Choice For Your Wedding


When you opt for vintage jewellery you are breaking the cycle of jewellery production meaning that you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint. There are reasons for this, the first is that you are not contributing to the use of new resources and other than repairs or changes to the piece of jewellery, no other resources are being used or needed which makes it the most sustainable type of jewellery to purchase.

If you have a piece that you only like certain parts of the piece such as the setting or the gemstone, there are companies out there that can restore or upcycle your pieces into something that you like or suits you more as this is also sustainable as you are not buying a new piece. If you look after it properly and get it serviced regularly, there is no reason why the piece can last another 100 years.

Age Of The Ring

There is a common misconception that in the days of vintage jewellery manufacturing was more unsustainable, which is not exactly true. When it comes to antique rings there was a lot more hand labour for mining as it was over 100 years ago when the new technology was not even a thought. Vintage jewellery mining on the other hand used some modern technology, but nothing like we see to this day. This shows that buying vintage and antique jewellery was more environmentally friendly than the methods we use still to this day.

Future Generations

The final reason why a vintage piece is a sustainable option for a wedding is the fact that it can be passed down from generation to generation which reduces the further impact of creating new pieces if your family members are wanting to use them. If the piece becomes a treasured family heirloom, then the piece may symbolise something for your family and result in lasting memories. New couples in your family will also then be able to pass this on to their children and so on meaning that you and the piece of jewellery will always be remembered in the family.


There is one reason above all why people opt for sustainable wedding jewellery, and that is affordability. This is due to the numerous methods of choosing a vintage engagement ring. It could be that one chooses lab-grown diamonds which are much cheaper than natural diamonds. They are also slightly more sustainable. The other option is that people opt for vintage engagement rings as the tax has already been paid which brings down the markup value. Even though the price is much lower, do not mistake this for the quality as being low, in fact, you can often get a better quality ring for much lower which is why many are enticed by this.

There are many great reasons why people opt for sustainable jewellery, it saves the planet from extra mining, it carries history and the best thing is that you get a lot more and better quality for the money you are paying.

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