Erdem Moralioglu will present his Fall 2023 collection on the London Fashion Week stage on Sunday (February 19). With this brand new collection, Erdem explores the territory of beauty that is seldom touched.

A dark emotion underlying joy is interpreted in 42 nuanced looks grim but full of meaning by incorporating the beauty of clothing details. Here are the most interesting pieces from the London label’s runway show, which showcases clothing that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also emotional.

1. Volume dresses

look 38/
Look 38/ Photo: Isidore Montag /

The attire that dominates the Erdem fall 2023 collection is evening wear with a voluminous silhouette, either at the fluffy skirt or through the accompanying accents. Some of the dresses are reminiscent of the Victorian era when the use of the crinoline in clothing was essential. The volume of the dress also gives a more dramatic and feminine impression.

2. Flowers

look 2/
Look 2/ Photo: Montag /

Flowers that normally adorn Erdem’s creations once again graced her Fall 2023 dresses, both printed and embroidered. The floral pattern, usually featured in vibrant and attractive colors, is included this time, however, in a darker shade that can be found in a range of dresses. However, also in combination with a black base. This floral motif can be seen in suits, long coats, dresses and even crop tops.

3. Tiered Ruffles

look 14/
Look 14/ Photo: Isidore Montag /

The classic and feminine touches that adorn the Erdem collection are ruffles. This detail is embedded in various parts of evening wear, such as sleeves, high collars or skirts. For example, as shown in the picture where ruffles designed to be layered as an all lace dress skirt. While other dresses have purple tiered ruffles covering the entire surface of the dress.

4. Tuxedo Shirt Dress

look 9/
Look 9/ Photo: Montag /

The next unique dress features a fluffy skirt silhouette paired with a tuxedo shirt-style bodice. Rigid shape on white shirt with details Fold Commonly found in men’s clothing. Erdem paired it with a feminine patterned skirt but with a raw cut along the hem.

5. Wallpaper coat

look 20/
Look 20/ Photo: Montag /

between rows evening wear, Erdem also shows a variety of jacket designs. The most striking thing, however, is the double-breasted suit Coat yellow with a floral pattern that appears to have been copied from the wallpaper. This wallpaper is also intended as the skirt of a dress where both designs have raw hems.

6. Slip Berlapis Sheer

look 41/
Look 41/ Photo: Montag /

The presentation of the 3 dresses at the end of the show included the creation of a slip dress with lovely embroidery details. Interestingly, a more mysterious impression is given off with a combination of black tulle adorned with silver sequins lining the outside.

7. Puffy opera gloves

Swollen Opera Gloves/
Swollen opera gloves/ Photo: Viero /

Fashion items that complement the appearance of most models and cannot be missing are opera gloves with whimsical designs. Long gloves that used to be sleek are now more dramatic with balloon accents at the top.

What then is the basis of this collection of dark shades? Erdem tells the story, which you can read on the next page, Beauties!

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