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Burberry’s F/W 2023 collection parade, held a while back at London Fashion Week, was also enlivened by two well-known Korean socialites, Son Heung Min and Jun Ji Hyun. This is worrying considering they both have big names in the world of football and entertainment. They also had time to pose and show interactions together, which caught the attention of fans. It has been revealed that Jun Ji Hyun is a fan of Son Heung Min.

Despite their different professions, Son Seung Min and Jun Ji Hyun both lined up as brand ambassadors for Burberry. The recent presence of these two certainly draws attention. Aside from their charming looks, the viral interaction between the two is also causing concern. In a video, Jun Ji Hyun is caught asking for the footballer’s autograph.


“Thank you for your autograph,” said the Jirisan actress. Sohn meekly replied: “It’s okay, of course I want to (sign an autograph),” said the Tottenham Hotspur club player, bowing his head.

Jun Ji Hyun added that he is a fan of the 30-year-old man. “Thanks very much. I’m honored,” said South Korea national soccer team captain Son Heung Min.


At the event, both Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min looked elegant in the latest Burberry Winter/Autumn outfits. Jun Ji Hyun looks adorable in a beige trench coat and pouch with a British brand’s signature motif. Even if it can be described as simple, it radiates a beautiful aura.

Meanwhile, Son Heung Min appeared in all black with a turtleneck and trench coat. In contrast to his appearance on the square, the man with a well-groomed hairstyle and radiant skin looks charming. His performance became a hot topic among fans.



Jun Ji Hyun met at the Burberry Fashion Show and asked for Son Heung Min’s autograph

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