Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min attended the same event, Burberry 2023 F/W Collection at London Fashion Week. The meeting between the two immediately turned into a public discussion.

Wow cool – Korea’s top stars Jun Ji Hyun And son Heung Min Meeting in London. Both are known to have attended the same event, namely the Burberry 2023 F/W Collection at London Fashion Week. The portrait of the two who were at an event suddenly became a topic of conversation. Especially Jun Ji Hyun and Son Seung Min are two South Korean celebrities. Jun Ji Hyun is one of the highest paid actresses who has produced many works. He’s also carved plenty of gold ink throughout his career in the acting world. On the other hand, Son Heung Min is also a famous soccer player in the land of ginseng. The captain of the South Korean national football team has successfully led his country to the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup. Son Heung Min is not only known as a soccer player but also popular in the entertainment world. He often undergoes photoshoots with well-known brands to act as a brand ambassador for luxury brands. This meeting between Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min suddenly turned into a public conversation. Let’s take a look at her moments at the London Fashion Show.

1. Appearance Stunning Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun looked stunning in her signature Burberry brown dress. drama star”Jirisan‘, wears a long coat in combination with black knee-length boots. Jun Ji Hyun’s face is polished with light makeup and wavy hair. Photographed without a filter, Jun Ji Hyun is beautiful.

2. Cool Son Heung Min

Son Heung Min looked stunning in a dark Burberry dress. He wore a black turtleneck combined with a matching long coat. Meanwhile, Son Heung Min’s subordinates wear pants with loafers. Born on July 8, 1992, the footballer looks dashing and commanding. It is now known that Burberry appointed Son Heung Min as its brand ambassador in June 2022.

3. Visual combination


These two brand ambassadors from Burberry immediately caught the eye thanks to their visual combination. Especially when Jun Ji Hyun stands shoulder to shoulder with Son Heung Min. Although Jun Ji Hyun wore heels, the difference in height between the two was unexpected. It is known that Jun Ji Hyun’s official height is 173 cm while Son Heung Min’s height is 183 cm.

4. Jun Ji Hyun turns out to be a fan of Son Heung Min


Unexpectedly, Jun Ji Hyun turns out to be a fan of Son Heung Min. Jun Ji Hyun even went so far as to ask for the famous footballer’s signature. Son Heung Min smiled shyly when Jun Ji Hyun said he was a big fan. Son Heung Min thanked him while bowing his head. I was so surprised that the Tottenham Hotspur player shut his mouth for a moment.

5. Sweet interaction of Son Heung Min and Jun Ji Hyun


The sweet interaction between Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min was also sweetly captured on camera. As two big stars, the two greet each other politely. Son Heung Min and Jun Ji Hyun bowed to each other after posing for the camera.

6. Son Heung Min with other celebrities


Via his Instagram upload, Son Heung Min shared a series of portraits while attending the event. He was seen sitting handsomely in the venue while capturing moments with other world stars. Confident in front of the camera, Son Heung Min is popular in the entertainment world himself. He often undergoes photo shoots with famous brands and poses like a professional model.

7. Jun Ji Hyun who stays young


Jun Ji Hyun’s youthful looks immediately became a hot topic of conversation. His career began in the 2000s, until now his appearance is not much different from the rookie era. It is said that the secret to staying young, according to Jun Ji Hyun’s style, is to hike regularly, get up at 6 a.m. and then practice breathing.

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